Mile High Pedicabs is the first downtown Denver pedicab operation, and now provides the largest fleet of pedicabs to serve the downtown area.These three-wheeled pedal cabs, the descendants of rickshaws, are powered by trained, licensed, and insured drivers to provide a fun and practical mode of green transportation. These modern day pedicabs use the technology of 21-speed mountain bikes, rear hydraulic brakes for safe braking, running lights, and rear axle differentials for tight turning.
People look at pedicabs, and pedicabs go where people are, so outdoor advertising and branding are a natural fit with pedicabs. Contact Denver Outdoor Media for more info on possibilities for local, pedicab-based outdoor advertising. We have great, cost effective packages to help your business.
Driving a pedicab is fun! It's a perfect part-time job for people who enjoy bicycling, being outdoors, and meeting new people. As an independent contractor for Mile High Pedicabs you can set your own schedule. You must have a basic knowledge of bicycle mechanics and of the city and training is provided. If you are interested in becoming a pedicab driver, submit a web form, call 303-733-4222, or visit the City of Denver Pedicab Driver Licensing webpage.
On-Demand Taxi Service
If you see a pedicab, simply talk to the driver about where you want to go. The driver is an independent contractor and can negotiate the fare with you. Generally the suggested rate is $2 per block. Tips are appreciated! Often the driver gives advice about different restaurants or events and can be a short-term tour guide for you.
Pre-Arranged Rides
Often people arrange transportation for special events, such as group rides, weddings, parties, or historic tours. The quickest way to check on pricing and availability is to call 303-733-4222 (please leave your phone # on the message) or submit a web form below.
Conventions & Trade Shows
Sometimes the pedicabs are sponsored by an advertiser to give "free rides" for a specific place and time. Contact Denver Outdoor Media for more info.
What's more romantic than the bride and groom making their get-away with a smooth & quiet pedicab ride? We offer wedding packages for your guests as well.
Beyond Downtown Denver
Pedicabs can be transported by truck for special events outside of Denver. If your function is not within downtown, contact us for pricing and availability.